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The biggest adventure of your life

in 7 days

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the great Tepuy

Stepping on this sacred ground is providing yourself with something that transcends a package tour.
Behind the landscape and beauties of this sanctuary, there is a strong symbolic and spiritual meaning.
The stories passed down from generation to generation by the peoples of the region, deal with the legendary "Tree of Life".
This immense plant would have been there since the origin of the world, it produced all the existing fruits and was cut down by the greed of human beings' hearts. His severed trunk has turned into a great mountain and his tears still flow like waterfalls.
This large Tepuy, located inside Canaima National Park, is ancestral territory of the Ingarikó people.
one of the most sacred places and full of values that shine through in spirituality and on culture of the peoples who live around.

Welcome to the biggest flat mountain in the world!

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who we are and what we do

Monte Roraima Travel came up with the need to expand Monte Roraima to the world.
Bringing the best value in the market, our mission is to make this sacred ground accessible to nature lovers.
Being a modern and digital agency, but without losing the family feel, our local team makes you feel at home, providing a welcoming and humanized environment.

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Satisfied customers

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We love helping our clients find a connection with nature. Discover some of the wonderful moments our customers had.

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An unusual place with a surreal landscape, ideal for those who like to venture out.
Monte Roraima Travel is the best company to make this dream come true, taking you to the most incredible, legendary and mysterious places, places that fascinate us all.
I indicate with my eyes closed.

Beth Almeida

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Please contact us for questions and reservations.

Tel: (95) 981007465

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