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Gran Sabana

Located in southern Venezuela, very close to Brazil, this sanctuary is known as the Paradise of Waterfalls. A completely preserved park, surrounded by indigenous communities, Gran Sabana is the perfect setting for those who want to mix adventure, nature and lots of fun.
With dozens of waterfalls spread throughout the Park, we get that taste of wanting more every time we visit.

In this wonderful Tour, we will visit beautiful waterfalls in two days.
The number of waterfalls visited will depend on the group's rhythm and weather conditions, usually between 6 and 9 in two days.

In that


Departure on the first day at 5:00 am, at Posto BR Dois90, Bairro Caranã.
We depart on the BR 174 towards Pacaraima, a city bordering Venezuela, where we will change vehicles and get into specific 4x4 Toyotas for the Off Road terrain of the Park.
Then we start the Tour already against the waterfalls.
We stopped at a restaurant for the group to enjoy a delicious lunch and headed to more waterfalls.
At the end of the day, we enter the inn with a free overnight stay.
The next morning, after a delicious breakfast, we will leave the inn and head to more waterfalls and in the afternoon, we will have another delicious lunch and return to Pacaraima, where we will change vehicles again and return to Boa Vista, where we will end our tour in the same place where we started.


-Exit from Boa Vista

-Toyotes 4x4


-Waterfall Fees

-Experienced Guide

-Insulated box for beverages

Does not include:

-Food and drinks

-Travel insurance

-Items not mentioned on the side

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